Dracula has Risen From the Grave is a 1968 Horror film released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. It stars Christopher Lee , Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson, and Barry Andrews, and co-stars Barbara Ewing, Ewan Hooper, Michael Ripper, and Marion Mathie

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. It is followed by Taste the Blood of Dracula .


Dracula is ressurected by a drunken priest and seeks revenge on the Monsignor who exorcised his castle

Cast Edit


Christopher Lee as Dracula

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula

Rupert Davies as the Monsignor, Ernst Muller

Veronica Carlson as Maria Muller

Barbara Ewing as Zena

Barry Andrews as Paul

Ewan Hooper as the Priest

Michael Ripper as Max

Marion Mathie as Anna Muller

George C. Cooper as the Landlord John D. Collins as the Student

Chris Cunningham as the Farmer

Norman Bacon as the Boy

Production NotesEdit

Filming began on April 22 1968. Terence Fisher was originally supposed to direct the film until he walked in front of a car drunk. Freddie Francis replaced him as director The movie was filmed at Pinewood Studios. It is not known when filming wrapped.

Trivia Edit

-This is the first time Christopher Lee became reluctant to play the role of Dracula

-This was the first movie ever to be rated by the MPAA

-This was Hammer's most profitable film

-Takes place in 1905

Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1968) - Trailer

Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1968) - Trailer

-First film to win a Queen's Award for Industry

-Ewan Hooper was dubbed